Do you feel like the decisions that you have made in the past are keeping where you are at?

Well, the problem that you have is that you are allowing your past experiences which were based on your past thinking to affect the direction your future is heading, which is only creating more of what you don’t want.

Sound Familiar?

In this video I share with you that your decisions may have brought you to this point, but they do not define you! You are right where you were always suppose to be and your bad decisions should be used as valuable lessons to enable you to create a life you love.

So there you have it, you either win or you learn.

From here on out you no longer have to punish yourself for the decisions that brought you to where you are. You made those decisions with the awareness that you had at the time you made those choices.

The decisions you make from here on out with the understanding that you have the power to use those lessons to make you stronger and more successful.

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