Now I wouldn’t go as far as labelling myself as religious  but I do personally find truth in the words of the bible and other philosophical texts.
…and this bible quote fits perfectly with today’s topic.
“Where There Is No Vision The People Will Perish!”
Now when we talk about vision we instantly think of what we see with our eyes… however this is not our vision, this is simply our sight of the external world in which we live. In fact what we see is actually the result of our vision…mmm interesting ay??
So what is a vision?
Well im excited to share that we don’t see with our eyes we see through our eyes with our mind and when we close our eyes we can use the power of our imagination see any image we choose. When you can use your imagination you can create a powerful vision of what you would like your life to be like (let it play like your favourite movie NO LIMITATIONS TO WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE!) and hold on to that vision even when your circumstances say otherwise… now thats WHAT I CALL A VISION.
so there you go, spend some quality time each day creating a vision of your version of success and before you know it you will begin to naturally take action without force, and find yourself in favourable situations that bring about that success that was once just an image on the screen of your mind.  
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