I remember being a child watching the gremlins movie & being so scared that they’d actually come and get me at night lol.

You know what the funny thing about that idea is?


Now I’m not being literal here and trying to say that real life gremlins exist, but the gremlins I’m referring to are those that are in your mind!!

The negative self talk that you say to yourself…

You know… “I’m ugly”… “I’m fat”… “I’m to old”… The list is endless.

In the video you’ll discover exactly what these little gremlins are that rear their ugly heads from time to time in the form of negative self talk, and also how you can contain and control them so they don’t slow you down from being everything your capable of becoming.

Now you know how to tame those little gremlins and hold them hostage so you will be able to create space for new empower thoughts

Until the next time… Love & light


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