Gone are the days when Sunday’s use to be the day of rest.

Before finding myself and my purpose, my Sundays would pretty much be spent lying in bed watching the Hollyoaks omnibus with not a care in the world.. (Relate?)

But when I discovered what I loved, it became an obsession to seize any opportunity I could to work on what I believed in…and that did not exclude Sundays.

In the video below I explain why Sundays are the best as they are supercharged with activities that move me closer to where I want to be!

So there you go!
When I made the decision to change, my actions had to change to, to get a better result!
Now I use Sundays as an opportunity to reflect on the week that has past, and decide on what needs my energy and attention for the week ahead. This way I am able to forward with confidence knowing that everyday I am getting better and better!.
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